Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Too much caffeine in mommy's system??

dr's visit

The Dr. says I'm very healthy! I've put on 1.8 lbs in 4 weeks (12.8 lbs now) and I grew from 22 7/8 in to 24 1/3 inches. So I'm growing tall faster than I'm growing wide :) (despite what my double chin suggests!!)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update on my doings

I've been living a busy life lately:

Meeting new friends:

and Jay Lanford

Meeting new family:

Aunt Marcy

and uncle Steve

Spending time with Mummi and family

Hanging with daddy and auntie Steph

Auntie Kate makes me laugh alot!!

Yeah, I'm a busy boy!!

A Talkie

I'm not sure if the best thing about this video is the amazing linguistic ability of my son, or the way he has trained his mother to make funny noises just off camera.
You Decide! (we reccomend the right click, "save as" method of deciding)

Superboy on patrol

Superboy prepares to patrol Aldan, keeping its mean streets under his watchful eye.

If we encounter any villians, my side kick flutter-bug and I will vanquish them!

Ahhh, sweet justice, I bask in your beautious light...

Um, superboy, um, naps since there were no villians to be vanquished tonight...