Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dr. visit

So, I got all checked out by the dr today. It was my belated 2yr appt. I'm 35.5 inches and 30.5 lbs. I had to get this finger prick to test my iron levels and my lead levels in case I had eaten any paint chips recently. I also had to get a shot. I was NOT impressed, despite being bribed with the promise of a red lolipop. I also refused to tell the dr my name, to sing her my abc's or perform any other tricks for my ridiculous parents, sheesh. I wasn't impressed with getting my nose looked up and HATED being weighed or measured. Overall I enjoyed playing with toys and the new book I got from the dr and hated everything else. my parents were really tired after that since Lily also got shots. I don't know what their problem is, they didn't get shots...
I'm 50% for height and weight and 75%for my head and my body mass index is apparently great. So for whatever that is worth.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow day

Today we got a ton of snow, they called for 6-10 inches......
which we easily received, that's how much we got by 11:30am (on the banister)

I wore my rocking fleece and played with my cars and Batman semi I got for Christmas
I like to put the car in up top
and it shoots down the ramp
and across the room! awesome!
Today I learned what silly string is from mummi
look mom, it's brains! (his dad taught him that). nice hot cocoa mustache (homemade no less)

snow days rock!

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