Friday, August 18, 2006

Last day in NH

Grampie's spazy dog Morgan. I always wanted to pet her, but she was only calm enough in the evenings.Auntie Julie's doggy, Psyche, is older and calmer, so I got to pet her alot. I also fed her all my table scraps so we're good buds.
This is my....well its complicated, let's just call her one of my great grammies. Her name is Barbie. She let me play with her tennis balls and I liked that alot.

Family picture time. This is great grammy Rose and great grandpa Glen.
Great grammie Barbie and great grampie Wendell. Mama was tickling me so I'd smile
Here grammie Rose is tickling me and I'm laughing uncontrollably.
So on the last day, we visited tons of people, including this 45 minute stint at Barbie's and then inhaled our food at the airport diner with grampie only to suffer a Three hour delay. Total bummer. And so ends the NH vacation blog. There is no more to say on this subject.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


While mommy was away, daddy and I rock out, preparing for our music video. Here is some rare behind the scenes footage of the creative process.

Click for Video

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthday Celebration

Had a little early first birthday party in NH.

Had a little ride on the tractor with Grampie and LexiOhhh a book, open shut, open shut, open shut

Cool, an instrument to bang on! Thanks Lexi!
My best red sox baloon. Mama deflated it and brought it home for me, she's swell!
Thats the cake for everyone else and the musical candle is in my blueberry muffin. Uncle Rj protested that I wasn't getting any sugar delights, but I didn't mind. I LOVE a good blueberry muffin.
Enough with the singing people, give me my treat!
I would not comply with the picture of grampie and his grandkids...
But Hannah Kate was cheerful!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Ocean!

On the wednesday before we flew home, Grammie and mama took me to the ocean. Long Sands Beach in York Maine to be specific.

Here I am making funny facesHa ha, I love my water bottle.

At first, I didn't like the ocean, it was too rough and too cold.
Eventually, I really liked it. Mama jumped waves with me and I splashed around alot.

A view of the beautiful ocean and the bright blue sky. It was a fantastic day.
Sigh, we miss the water....

Next we went to get some food. I got crayons, but I thought they were for eating so I lost my crayola privledges, opps
Ha ha Grammie, thanks for the food and the company!
This was the view from our outdoor seats. Pretty awesome.

Another day, another beach

Thanks mama for bringing me to Lake Winnipesaukee!
I love sitting in the water with the waves!
Twilight is upon us
Look Grammie, mama is in the water too!
After some walking in the water and banging on buoys, I had had a short swing. But I got too cold!
Mama and I posing for the camera!