Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shore time!

Every year My Willow's Paka and Grammie rent a house at Ocean City in NJ. The last few years we've gone to stay with them for a day or two. Lucky us, our trip coincided with their shore time so we closed out our trip south at the beach. SWEET.

THe Skidmore ladies
Daddy and I off
looking for adventure
Willow and Steve doing the same

Waiting for the big waves

Awesome! Woo hoo

Mom joins in the fun with Lily (ok, well Lily slept through it)
Man I loved wave jumping

So much fun (btw that is one of the skirts mama made herself)

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More fun with Logan

Last days with Logan and the fam
Daddy dip dip-ing my feet into the pool, turns out I DON'T like pools. or at least not "big" ones
Logan and Auntie Stephanie enjoying the outdoors