Thursday, July 27, 2006

Child Safety-possibly

We recently had to buy Bruce a new car seat for the following reasons:
1. he was getting so big that he could almost tip forward and walk while wearing his current car seat as a backpack, 2. The car seat laws are such that children need to be in one until they are 15 and 200 lbs. This is the beauty we bought him, because we are hoping they reduce the weight limit to 100lbs thereby making this seat useable until his 15th birthday. Notice its features. Its basically a lazy boy. It reclines, has arm rests and a cup holder, not to mention more padding than my seat in the toyota.
Now, after reading the manual I broke out into a cold sweat, because if you don't do everything just so, there will be death and dismemberment involved. GREAT.
Step one, put child in seat and adjust all straps to fit him without cutting off blood flow.
Step 2, refer to manual and realize death and dismemberment are bound to happen because the head rest is not properly adjusted to your child. when you adjust head rest, infant padding pillow becomes an obstacle to your child's comfort. So preceed to step three which is DISSASSEMBLING the seat to take off harness in order to remove infant head rest. Now try to Reassemble the seat. this takes 40 minutes. Put child back in seat, to see if adjustments are satisfactory.
Recieve the following facial expression:

Now that all adjustments are probably made, and D and D have been minimized, you are safe to try and put the car seat into the car.
Fantastic. I'm sure that will be a cinch!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My true feelings

Here I am totally busted after emailing Grammie my REAL birthday list...Dear Grammie, I know mama sent you a birthday list for me, filled with books and diapers and such, but I wanted you to know what I REALLY want for my first birthday:
my own usb cables
a tall lamp I can knock over without my parents freaking out
a pogo stick to bounce over gates blocking me from my favorite areas
my own chocolate stash (they never share!!!)
pretty extension cords I can play with without hearing NO!
my own laptop to open and close ENDLESSLY
my very own controllers for game cube that I can drool on

there, that's better. whoops gotta go, mama's coming

July in review

So we didn't blog much in July. Here's a recap.

Daddy and me on July 4th
Let us explain a july 4th parade in Aldan, PA:

People line the street (yeah pretty much just 1 street)
A police car drives in front. Then there is a basic rhythm. A band...

Cars of varying degrees of coolness- often representing the Aldan townwatch....oohhh ahhh

Another band (several bands belong to the mummers- old men in odd clothes....)

More cars. Repeat as warranted.

Then the big finish- 2 or 3 local fire trucks.
Then you eat good food daddy smokes. mmmmm
This years parade was lacking, even by Aldan's (low) standards.

Here I am at the Vineyard Conference in the Poconos. Not much to report.
Although I did get dipped into the pool. Ok, well, only my toes, but it was cool.

Other than that, I guess we have kept you up to date. Teething, clapping, an 11 month birthday. There you go. Now you're informed.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Look at me!

I'm 11 months old now!

Sit still, ha ha mama that's funny!
Like my fresh from the bath curls?
I'm a happy boy

I have awesome skills:

I can clap, stand alone for 20 seconds, pull books off a shelf in 10, use some intermittent sign language, and say da da da