Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday morning fun

After a long morning of waking up early, waching toons, eating, reading books and building a fort with dad, getting out EVERY TOY I OWN, and playing chase with mama, I needed to chill.
See my new headphones mama bought me for my, er, her, Ipod?
I love coldplay, and actually most music, esp when I lounge here on the couch

My "music face", I'm also trying to snap my fingers to the beat, and I'm tapping my toes. AWESOME.
So comfy and such good music, I think I'll nap now....

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Music and baseball

Last night I insisted on chilling with mama's ipod. I listened to a little william shatner and some fleetwood mac. It was pretty awesome. Today is opening day for baseball! Yippee, go SOX! I am also standing on my awesome stool. (I wouldn't let mom take the picture until I got up on here)
I love this thing. We bought it with a little potty seat that goes on the big toilet because I am fairly interested in trying out the potty myself, especially when dad is home. FOR now I carry the stool around and stand on it to get into things. Its awesome.

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