Thursday, October 06, 2005


This came out darker than we wanted. It looked a lot brighter on the screen of the digital still camera that we used for it (rather than the usual Digital8). If your Windows Media Player has a brightness setting (you have to poke around to find it) it'll be alot better.

To our adoring fans

We at Bruce Wayne Stevens's blog would like to issue an apology for not posting for a week. Mama's computer is on the fritz, and of course, we're very busy people, what with walks and adventures and getting lost on the way to Dr's appointments (oops). Here are 6 shiny new posts to make you happy.

I think all my cuteness will ovewhelm you and make you forget about the length of time between posts! Happy viewing!

Walking with Willow

Went on another walk with the joyful willow.

Willow posing with her mama.

Here I am doing my farmer Bruce impression, after an explosive diaper incident rendered my onesie unwearable.

Adorable cuteness

Sitting up is fun!

Aren't I so cute??

I like to kick my legs alot.

Don't you think this onesie brings out the blue in my eyes??

Early morning poses

Oh, MOM! Do you have to take a picture so early in the morning?

I wish I were still sleeping!

New Toy

Here I am practicing my cross-cultural communication skills with a new friend mom introduced me to.

Mama, I'm not sure what I'm doing or saying wrong, but everytime I move my hand my new friend attacks me!

Getting My rally clothes on

Getting dressed for the Red Sox play off game.

Starting with the great cloth diaper.

Oh How I love baseball!

Especially Red Sox Baseball.

Ok mom, its PA! Fall doesn't come here for weeks. The pants are too much.
Besides, they make my butt look big.

squeeky clean

The joys of bathing.
Wrapped up in my nice towel blanket. I love it! It makes me smile and be cute for mama. unfortunately that means many many pictures.

I mean really, aren't I adorable?!!