Wednesday, August 23, 2006

12 months of awesome

Sweet success!


It took 109 pictures to get the couple mama wanted to frame as my "official" 12 month pose. Here's what happened in between:

I don't want to wear my hat....

Ok, are you happy, I put it back on....

Channeling my cousin Levi


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The face of sweetness

Presents and fire and cake, OH MY!

I love wrapping paper, its so fun
Logan, you got me a Batman cup! sooo AWESOME
A care bear! sleepytime! ahhh

I love it auntie Steph

Willow got me this rockin' school bus! It makes noises and has fun little people in it

A neato card from Kris and Dave, they also got me super-cool overalls, but I wasn't in a picture friendly mood momentarily after I opened them.
Oh, thanks mom and dad, I always wanted one of these star stackers! (my favorite toy at Logan's house)

Sweet, a red box for drumming!
OH! Its filled with books, sweeeeet!

Whoa, that cake has fire on it!
Gimmie some sweet frosting

Please daddy, feed me!

mmm sweet success! it doesn't even taste healthy!

That was one great party! Thanks everyone!

First Birthday

I had (another) first birthday party Sunday. I got to swing in the hammock all by myself!It was a superhero theme

My most beautiful Willow came...

and her parents too...

My cousin Logan came (modeling the flying superman party favor)
he brought auntie Steph and uncle John

And my honorary auntie Kris and uncle Dave also came, they rule

I got to eat grill food daddy made, mmmm and watermelon.

and auntie amused me with my justice league balloon, hee hee fun times
I need another entry to do presents and cake!