Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dr visit

Went to the Dr's yesterday.
weighed in at 15lbs 9ozs
26 3/4 inches

Said I'm technically "teething", but politely suggested we wouldn't see teeth for a bit.
Got a shot (big meanie dr.) been sad since last night.
he said after next week, I can have MEAT (mushed) Daddy said he'd buy me a steak ;)

Willow's first Birthday

Today we celebrated Willow's first birthday
Isn't she cute?!
Here I am wrestling the other boy baby.....Willow is mine!
Just kidding Sammy, you're fun!
Sammy's brother Ben and mom Kate

Aunt ashlie taunting Willow with fire on a cupcake...odd traditions grown ups have
ohhh magna doodle!

I picked this dress out for our hot dates
Man this party tires me out
Willow stealing my suckifier to give me a kiss...or something

Somehow the lovely Cora and her mama we're overlooked in the picture taking, very sad.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I don't understand why you think I'm teething mama...

Ha ha, really all my drooling and biting and crying is normal...

I just really like to eat things is all

MMM I love my butterfly

Soo yummy....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow time!

Its snowing outside, but its cozy inside!!


Wow, so much white stuff everywhere!

I'm not sure about this mama...

Ok, this is fun!

Posing in the yard

MMMM yummy!

My first big snow storm!