Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh the fun I have

Here I am using my dry erase markers at my awesome table mummi and papa gave me. I love the chairs and try to stand on them and surf. Mama doesn't like that. She also wasn't impressed with my marker art on the rug (but it washed out). My awesome sesame street bath toys, cookie monster stores them and I'm playing with my elmo and ernie pots and pans
Stiring in my big bird colander
And don' forget to brush your teeth!!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Willow my love

So it was like a whole whopping 19 degrees out today, therefore mama bundled me up for my visit to WillowChilling with my love on the bottom step eating goodies
Playing together
We sat here off and on kicking our feet and smiling away. Ahhh young love


I've got skillz

Sitting and/or standing on the rocking moose to play djembe
Newly aquired tonight: Rocking it out hardcore on the Hamonica

My serious blues face

Watch out artistic world, here I come..

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