Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring fun

Like my sandals? I like warm days , it means I can go pantless!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last of NH

While packing begins, I pat the doggie with grammie. She's a spazzy dog, so its rare I can try to pat herBig hugs for grammie
Grampie lets me chew on the remote control. thanks! its yummy.
After a long drive home, we all sleep. Later daddy entertains me on the hammock.

Day 3 in NH

Time for sunday breakfast. Lexi and I entertain each other while its cooking.
Posing with auntie

Uncle Rj entertains himself, demonstrating his artistic talent.....
Geez grampie, I didn't get any bacon. oh well, bonding is fun anyway!!

We all got dressed up and went to great grandpas funeral. That was sad and happy. Grampie told some funny stories, so now Lexi and I have LOTS of ammunition, we'll NEVER get in trouble at grampies after this!

Here's Lori. Mama was in her wedding as a flower girl.

This is my great great and also great great great Aunt Barbie
Nevermind, its confusing. Let's just call them grammie Barbie and grandpa wendell instead!
This is my great grandma Bev, that ones a little easier to figure out!

NH more day 2

Saturday evening we went to my great aunt Mary's house (makes her sound of greater age than she is hee hee) There were ALOT of very LOUD people there, but I got to meet some cool people.

Grammie sharing water with me.

Grampie and Lexi playing peek a boo outside

Auntie Julie

Great Aunt April keeping me away from the rukus

Uncle Rj educating me about domestic beers......

Grammie and me, with great aunt Lorraine and her grandbaby Leecie.

NH Day 2

The beginning of day 2 involved alot of ridin' in style!

Grampie is letting me test drive Harley's so I can pick one out


Hmmm this one is more my size.

Look mom, one handed!

AHHHH I love the wind on my face when I'm cruisin'

Hmm this camry is is cool to drive as well.

Woah...this leather is nice

Maybe Grampie will give me his bike for my SWEET 16

Cruisin the property on the tractor. awesome.

Grampie did buy me a harley. my parents will put it together soon. stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trip to NH Day 1

So we got into the car thursday night and headed to NH (sadly for a funeral). We took a quick pit stop at the Olive Garden in Langhorne PA to meet with some friends of my parents:

This is Dick, he's a hoot!

Judy is nice. I let her hold me in the restaraunt.

Apparantly, they taught mom and dad martial arts before they were married. (what's that mom? OHHHH, Pre-marital counseling, not martial arts at all. bummer)

ANYWAY. Back on the road. We got to NH at 4am. Even I don't like 4am! So we slept, then we visited.

DAY 1:
We bust Lexi from daycare early- ha ha run Lexi run!

Then we Go to the barn to meet Grammie's horsey.

OHHH Sagebrush is nice (I wasn't even scared!)

Goofing off with Lexi.

Hanging with my auntie Chrissy. She makes me laugh.

Awwww, all three grandkids, Lexi, Brucie and a cousin to be named later (in auntie's belly)