Thursday, September 08, 2005


Thursday am was a little messy around here....

This is my changing table- it is excellent- for me to poop on. (while dad was in between the dirty diaper and the fresh one).
Then while my mama fed me resting on my boppy pillow, I pooped on it (and a little on mama).
After that I just filled my diapers, ALL DAY LONG.

I slept and ate and pooped all day long. It was glorious.
Finally, Daddy came home and we took a walk.

And to top the day off, here is mama and I, we're watching the first Patriots game of the season! Yeah! cool.

Big outing

So mama took me on my first outing without dad. This was quite an adventure for only going 5 minutes down the road to the Produce junction. I was napping peacefully in my sling, so she carried the car seat out and put it in the car, then she transferred me over. Here I am in the sling- still sleeping before the transfer:

Then she put me in the car seat, and decided to mount the mirror that lets her see how I am doing via the rear view mirror. That was hilarious. I think it took 10 minutes to be unsuccessful, it flopped over when she started the car, we hadn't even moved!! Then she fixed it again, and it flopped over a block from home. At the atm she fixed it again. At the produce junction, she put me back in the sling. I kept sleeping. We got our fruit and then returned to the car. She put me back in the car seat- still sleeping. We drove home (the mirror finally stayed). Then she put me back in the sling. Erika came over and helped carry in the fruit. And I slept.

all in all a great trip, I think.....

Monday, September 05, 2005


Put your head on my shoulder......

Labor Day Cookout

Daddy cooked up a yummy "beer can chicken" (although today it was orange soda chicken)

This is my uncle John. He is great to take a nap with. It was nice to meet him.

We were visited by Uncle John, Aunt Stephanie and cousin Logan.

Also, the Skidmores stopped by. Steve Ashlie and the most beautiful Willow.

This is my cousin Logan, we just met today. I think we'll be great friends.

The great Outdoors

It was so nice out on sunday we took another walk. Ahh, the smell of fresh cut grass, perfect to smell while I slept. Then mom and dad introduced me to listening to baselball outdoors- Red Sox of course. We've listened indoors before, at bedtime especially, but this was a new thing. We all ate lunch outside (me first, then mom and dad) and then while I zoned out in the car seat, mom and dad chilled in the hammock. The red sox beat the Orioles, yeah Red Sox. This inspired mom to buy tickets for my first baseball game- BoSox vs Orioles at camden yards on Sept 23rd. We're all very excited.

Dr King

We forgot to tell you about the first dr's appt on friday. Bruce is very healthy by all acounts. He peed on the exam table before being weighed. ha ha, that was funny. He weighed in at 7lbs and the dr was pleased. He said babies should be back to birth weight by 14 days and we were at day 11, so he expects we're easily on track (we need to get to 7 lbs 1.5 oz). Not very surprising since the boy eats like nobody's business. On the other hand It was comforting to know that all those nursing times he was really getting food, since it hurt like crazy and most of the time we felt like we were on the nursing short bus. We seem to have gotten the hang of it now. Speaking of nursing, the dr thought it was funny that Bruce was trying to nurse thru luke's shirt when he came in to meet us. hee hee, he was hungry! Anyway, the dr remeasured him, and said Bruce is 20.5 inches- so he is nice and tall. The dr said often babies aren't measured correctly at the hospital, where they told us he was 18.5 inches. We really liked the pediatrician (who came recommended by friends at church). By the time we were done, Bruce thought he was starving, so we got to practice public feeding in the waiting area- for 30 MINUTES. Then we had a little outing in the sling to the Ardmore farmers market for lunch. When we got home all 3 of us passed out for long naps. A good day was had.