Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a day! part 1

So here we are at two lights state park set up for lunch. Mama found us a shady spot with a view of the oceanmmm pb and J and grapes the BEST
walking along the rocky coast line, the waves are crashing behind me!
not thrilled by the mamarazzi today
this is the cool bench behind our picnic area (and the too much stuff mama brought)

pushing my sis on the swings.
running around in mom's flip flops. I really enjoyed myself at the 2 lights playground. ALOT

then it was off ot pick berries and other things...

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What a day! part 2

Picking berries. Mama couldn't drive by the sign twice, so on the way out of cape Elizabeth we stopped for strawberry picking.

check out these lovely strawberries. Not bad at all (quite tasty)

I insisted we go check on the big red ship to see if it was still docked. and it was. We hung out at Bug light park for about a half an hour before mom was too tired for any more outing. Wuss (during our picnic we saw, way out in the distance, the big blue oil tanker we watched the tugs bring in the other night, so I was curious if the red one that had been docked that same night also left for sea. mama thinks this is a different red ship, whatever, what does she know!)

vegging in front of my Thomas Movie post bath pre bedtime.

superman takes flight

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is me in my new fishy float at Sebago lake. It was WINDY that dayso windy the waves had white caps and I got splashed over the head by a big wave. I was not thrilled. I came out to get wrapped in a towel and enjoy the sand and sun.
mmm jelly beans at the beach
smiley boy

so even though we had to vacate the beach because the sun went away and the wind picked up, we still had fun, and this is going to be one of my favorite places this summer. I loved it the other day when swimming was better!


Playground fun

I like it when we walk to the playground. I am a daring climber
the swings are great too
I also like being the caboose on the mama and Lily train down the slide


Super helper

Superboy likes to help out. watering plants with the giant watering can is super fun

gee I love my super hero pj's, SO MUCH that I can't bear to take them off during the day.....


Scenes from Ft williams

helping daddy fly a kiteUncle Rich and Levi watch as dad ties two kite strings together and gets the batman kite REALLY REALLY HIGH.
Phoebe and her new kite
molly frolicking in the sun
Hey, these shorts have pockets, cool

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July 4th cook out

We had an awesome july 4 th cookout. Playing in the yard with LilyGrammie and grandpa came on the motorcycle. Grammie is awesome. Grampie is too.
I ate alot of dad's good bbq. mmmmmmmmmmm

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July 4th, (catching up)

So on July 4th, we met one of mommy's old college frinds at Maxwell's farm for strawberry picking.

posing outside the carAfter being very grumpy, I discovered fresh picked berries are YUMMY, and was happier for it
picking berries for my mummi
mama's friends' daughters, Bella and Olivia