Friday, February 03, 2006

a walk to the park

Ah, a brisk walk to the park with friends!
The girls swing

I sleep

Liam drives while eating a pretzel
I'm still sleeping
Cora and Liam take a rocket ride
Beautiful ladies

Liam gets ready to ride off into the......cloudy afternoon
NOW I'm awake!!

Valley Forge

Last weekend it was in the 50's so we went to Valley Forge

Ok, enough of that, here are cute pictures of me and my parents:

the good life

Things I am discovering at 5 months:

I like eating my toes. But not as much as I love smiling and hamming for the camera(note the expirement I was running-cotton toes vs bare toes)

I love crinkling and eating paper, esp mail,

I can sit up for whole minutes at a time

I like to read (eat) books

I can dance and make funny faces in the sitting position- right before I fall over

mmmmm I love to eat my grammie sweater!

Logan is my bestest buddy

I can sit up in the grocery cart! This is exciting!

I can reach a lot more stuff on the shelves this way!

This sure is the good life!