Saturday, August 27, 2005


Exceptional baby

After dozing on and off, between feedings, from 11:30 to 2ish, Bruce decided it was awake time. No problem, that was daddy shift anyway. Then our little exceptional bundle of joy, snacked and fell back to sleep near the 4am mark, and let us sleep in to 9am, yes you read it correctly, 9am. You'd think Luke and I had 12 hours of sleep or something the way we were acting this morning. Also, he is totally chill baby. Has decided diaper changes are no big deal as long as he can eat his fist or look longinly (ok try to eat) his stuffed giraffe/anteater toy. yeah, it has giraffe colorings, but is low to the ground and the nose is longish. Anyway, reveling in the joys of parenting the most adorable child ever. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Bye Grammy

Dear Grammy: I think we take good pictures together, don't you? Sorry I took so long to arrive after you got here, but I think we got along fine once I came out. Thanks for all your help, especially kintting me booties so my toes aren't cold and for teaching mom and dad how to bundle me, (man were they lacking skills). Thank you for cuddling me and holding me. Wasn't thrilled with the diaper changes or making me wake up to eat, but mom says it was important, so thanks for that too. Mom says you knitted me lots of cool stuff, and I'm excited to test it out. I'm so adorable I'm sure you'll get lots of pictures, and I'll squeal if mom doesn't remember to update my blog. Thanks again grammy for coming to love me. Kisses and snuggles, your best grandson, Bruce.

Fridays doings

I couldn't help myself, such a cute pose. Daddy of course has much more reason to be tired then baby, who, essentially, has awoken at 8:30am SLOWLY to a feeding, then was clothed, then napped near grammi while she knitted up his last hat. Then more eating, more sleeping, a brief period of non eating awake, followed by eating and then, now he's sleeping with dad. Luke on the other hand, has probably a grand sum of 10 hours sleep on the week, and 4 of those were the naps he took yesterday before his 2-5am shift of keeping baby amused before and after feedings so I could actually sleep. Then he worked 6 hours and drove his brother to the airport, then he came home and visited shortly then took grammy to the airport.
well, now that I've written it out, I suppose they both deserve a nap. And I'm sure they both will wake up hungry. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Under new management

The first thing one learns when one brings their new baby home is that there is a new boss in the house. Our new boss prefers nighttime to daytime and gives one high pitched squeal when his way is not being met. I think this is a brilliant use of voice, since its not counting to 3 which would waste time, also it conserves energy because it doesn't require an all out scream for his underlings to respond with food clean diaper or cuddles. We obey the squeal.

Today I'm being a little sneaky, trying to get the boss to like the daytime and stay awake during it and eat happily during it. Perhaps the night time will be one long break time and the boss will enjoy this.

Perhaps I should just deal with the reality that I am under new management.

mommy B


Bruce gets his own blog today, because frankly he will have as many pictures taken of him as the President this year, and it will be easier to put them all in one place, uninterupted by other unrelated blogness.

Being born in the same year as a couple of very attractice and available females, its only natural that we start the discussions for an arranged marriage. Both familes have presented gifts, and one has made a formal offer. Stay tuned for these exciting events.