Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baking and bathing

Its been rainy and yuck the last few days so mom and I baked yummy bread. I LOVE HELPING!
Took a nice bath today, trying to show off the light up peeps chick that Grammie Bassett gave me, hard to catch it at the right moment....little spastic but funny

I'm quite a bit impish today, been a little less than obedient, like when mama told me it wasn't time for an apple at Auntie Springs and I bit it as fast as I could so she wouldn't take it away from me. Or when I head butted her for the second time even though she made it pretty clear she wasn't pleased with that behavior. I get this little gleam in my eye and then I do what I like. sigh.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day fun

What??? I'm not trying to escape our seating area!Me either, auntie, just eating my lime.
Grampie and Hannah Kate

Strolling with grampie to the playground
Yeah! Grammie is helping me swing!
Lexi can swing by herself, she's a big kid
Grampie Hannah and auntie Julie slacking off on the grass
Hannah and auntie Chrissy
MMMM Coldstone Ice cream,
I get to test taste everyone's ha ha I have the life!
Overall it was a pretty great day. We also got our jogging stroller of doom that the family bought for us, pictures will come soon I'm sure. It big and red and shiny, good times.

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