Monday, July 16, 2007

Dip dip

I take a walk with mummi and papa and sometimes mama and daddy nightly. Its usually down by the causeway, and before we head back up the hill I get to dip my feet in the lake (I call it dip dip). Tonight mummi treated us to the dairy bar as well.

my first soft serve cone that is all my own, mmmmyum

mummi and papa

Time for the favorite activity on my nightly walk- dip dip in the lake!

Shoes off!

Dad walks me to the water

Then its always time to walk/run on the docks
More dip dip please


Speaking of ice cream and dip dip....

7 weeks ago tonight the lovely Lafrances came over for food...

MEAT from the grill, smoked Chicken and sausage

Dip Dip in the lake
Jacob joins in
Ruby is quite the daredevil
I want to dip dip right here

Awww the last picture of mama pregnant :) happy family
Beautiful family

mmmm ice cream at the dairy bar
Good food..
really good....
Miss April prayed for mama before they left and then Lily came the next morning. Daddy's theory is it was his cooking that sent mama into labor, "my bbq is so good it sends women into labor" he says

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