Friday, July 27, 2007

The thinking boy


Beach bum

Running to check out the big hole

Hmm, any buried treasure?

more scenic digging

Getting in

Pretty deep!

Hmm what to do with it...

put it in the water of course

Playing thoughtfully in the water

I love to swim!

Swimming at the local town beach
At Sebago lake (notice mom dresses me for the least amount of sun to skin ratio)
Back at the town beach, dad and I have awesome swim trunks, but he lacks my cool duck hat
Slight discomfort
I'm a walking ad for Maine tourism
One good looking kid!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

What I've been up to

A brief overview:

Breakfast at the shop with a giant contingent of aunties and cousins and grandparents

Bathtime! Auntie Kate helps me get clean then lets me wash her hair...
Ahhh pooh bear
Chillin with my sister in NH
Watching youtube with daddy (batman theme song and Spiderman theme song)
At a lake
Group shot with great grammie Bev and Bassett cousins
Riding Grandpa's Harley
Back to Maine:
More food at the shop, since Logan (oh and his parents) had arrived

At the diary bar
MMMM I love ice cream
Papa treated the whole lot of us...

And boy was there A LOT of us...

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I insisted on wearing my duckie hat this morningeven though all I was doing was watching sesame street and eating breakfast