Friday, January 06, 2006

Chutes family restaurant

Let me tell you about a place called Chutes...ahh the smells, the tastes, everythinhg is so good, it made me want to eat so bad I yomped on daddy's finger!

This is my great grammie and grandpa Chute, they started this breakfast and lunch restaurant in 1977.

Now Mummi and Papa run it- well for over 20 years they've run it...

So now great grammie can just come in, relax and visit with family

and great grandpa can come in relax and crack jokes (although he still does alot of the baking, nothing but the best homemade Chute bread..mmm chute english muffins...mmmmm)

I helped Mummi hostess, being so cute and all. This is her work denim, in some circles known as "the Mummi dress"

Papa in his chef's outfit.

So while we visited this yummy place 4 or so times while in Maine, and I had to watch haddock sandwiches, seafood chowder (with LOBSTER) egg nates, lobster omeletes and finnish french toast all get consumed near me, all I got was this lousy baby plug. The humanity!!

Visiting time

We went to the Gouettes while in Maine. I got lots of love there! It was fun!

This is Molly's excersaucer that I am going to inherit! I loved it, and Auntie Spring is really funny, she made me laugh so hard!

I really liked cousin Levi, hes a good buddy!

Sweet hugs from Phoebe

Family pose!

Love and kisses

Man, this is the life!!

More Christmas in Maine

So once the cousin Gouettes arrived we had joyous gift opening

Here's Molly-kong, preparing to take over the toy chest

Auntie Spring modeling Molly in her new hat

Levi opens his Mummi quilt

Spring displays her Mummi curtains...Rich is overwhelmed with excitement

Uncle Rich and Phoebe discuss world politics

Phoebe opens her Mummi quilt (Mummi has been busy!!!)

I kiss Molly (I'm starting peaceful talks so she won't eat me)

Bonding with auntie
Bonding with my uncle

Molly being adorable

(Who do you thinks wins in baby wrestling: Molly or Willow? KIDDING. I Kid, I kid.)

Then we`ate, oh did we eat!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Maine Christmas Begins

So after departing sadly from NH relatives we took a nice drive to Naples. I napped, and then arrived at Mummi and Papas. Very nice.

Here are dad and I's stockings! AWESOME- PRESENTS!

Mummi and mama help me open the stocking- nice finger puppets mummi. Its funny making mama entertain me with them!

Ohhh, fo rme? A penguin, so nice!

And so soft, I love it!

And then the cousins arrived. I'll need another entry to show you about that!

(Molly, then Mummi, then Levi then Phoebe)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NH Christmas!!!

So, Christmas morning begins at the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway ..a little early for me...

My little elf pose

Auntie Chrissy, there's a lot of boxes and bags wrapped up in here!

what an adorable child you got a picture of grammie and grandpa!

Helping auntie julie look at pics of adorable me

auntie julie and erickjohn exchange loving glances...I think

Uncle Rj, he's almost awake

Lexi and her baby doll

Bonding with auntie julie and erickjohn

Merry 1st Christmas!

and this was just the morning!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas eve begins

On Christmas eve we went to visit with Grammies family. ALL of grammie's family. It was a little scary.

See Lexi's face- that is how we felt- WHOAH this place is full of crazy people!

I got to meet my great grammie. She was kind enough to let me scratch her face.

Here grammie is bouncing me in my special Christmas outfit. See my tie? I know I know, so stylish. This was post breakdown. I was having fun now.

Doesn't that look like a scary crowd! And mischeivious....

This is cousin Lexi and auntie Chrissy opening presents.

All right, rip the paper dad. ohhhh a train, sweet.

Here I am with great grammie and grandpa.
Overall it was quite a party. I stayed awake the WHOLE TIME so I wouldn't miss anything. hee hee. I got to meet lots of people and have a million more pictures taken, and this was just the beginning of Christmas!

NH Arrival

So here I am in NH. Keep in mind its cold in NH, so you should bundle up- even if that means you lose all ability to move your appendages.

Grandpa picked us up at the airport and took us back to his house. Here we are chillin'

Here's grammie and I bonding in the kitchen.

Playing with auntie Julie.

Getting kisses from my cousin Lexi, who I met for the first time here in NH.